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Your dentist may have talked to you about dental veneers recently. This treatment can be effective at addressing several issues with your smile and oral health. There are other options you should first consider and discuss with your dentist. As you learn more about these, you can compare them with veneers and determine which makes the most sense for you. At a consultation, your dentist can help you understand the process and benefits of having veneers.

A brief summary of dental veneers

A veneer is a thin shell that covers the front surface of a tooth. It is most commonly useful for front teeth, though it can work on back teeth as well. Most patients may prefer porcelain for the veneer material. However, dentists can also use composite resin to form the shell. Veneers can usually last seven to 10 years. With good maintenance and care, they can last even longer.

Veneers to cover damaged teeth

Teeth are made of the strongest substance in the body. Still, it is possible to chip, crack, or even break a tooth. Biting into a hard object or food can damage a tooth. Suffering a blow to the face can produce the same effect. Dental veneers are good choices to cover these cosmetic blemishes. The veneer will also protect the damaged tooth from additional injuries.

Veneers to whiten teeth

Poor oral hygiene can lead to discoloration of the teeth. A lack of regular brushing is a common reason why teeth begin to turn yellow, gray, or brown. Patients often prefer hydrogen peroxide gels or pastes for teeth-whitening solutions. However, dental veneers can be a good alternative. The dentist can fabricate the veneer to be any color shade the patient desires. The veneer can match the color of the surrounding teeth, eliminating the appearance of stains.

Veneers to correct misshapen teeth

Oddly shaped or sized teeth can often hamper a person’s smile. When teeth grow in at odd angles or are abnormally large or small, it can be embarrassing. Some teeth may also be significantly worn, making the teeth appear uneven. Dental veneers restore the proper size and shape of teeth.

Veneers to close gaps

Dental veneers may not be the right solution to replace missing teeth. They can, however, help when a patient has badly spaced teeth that form small gaps in the mouth. A few veneers covering the natural teeth can close these spaces. This will make the smile fuller and more natural-looking.

A solution to your concerns

You should not feel embarrassed about your smile. If you choose dental veneers, you can once again be at ease with the way you look and feel comfortable being around other people. Whether you have discolored teeth, uneven teeth, or damaged teeth, a veneer could be the answer you have been looking for. Talk to your dentist today about whether you are a candidate for this treatment. You can schedule an appointment today at a cosmetic dentistry office near you and start on the road to have the teeth you have always wanted.

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