How Dental Crowns Can Restore Tooth Size and Shape

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Anyone who has dental crowns knows what a useful treatment it can be. Crowns are not only long-lasting, but they can restore a person’s smile by improving the appearance of teeth. Many patients get a crown to protect a damaged tooth from getting worse. Others may have a crown to complete an implant or a bridge procedure. A dental crown may also be a good option if you have an irregularly shaped tooth or an abnormally large or small one.

Why dentists recommend dental crowns

When a patient has restorative needs, the dentist has different options available. Crowns are often the first choice because of their durability and functionality. A crown is typically made of ceramic or porcelain. Dentists may also use gold or silver amalgam, or a metal fused to ceramic option. Crowns are effective at restoring a tooth’s appearance and its ability to chew properly. The crown is natural-looking, so it will look just like a normal tooth.

Addressing a patient’s needs

Professionals in cosmetic dentistry commonly advise patients to get a crown when there is damage to a tooth. This can include chips, cracks, and fractures due to decay or injury. Crowns stabilize and protect weak teeth and may also be effective at covering teeth that have cavities too large for a filling to repair. A crown can also be a good alternative to teeth whitening, especially if only one or a few teeth are discolored. The dentist can color the crown the shade of white the patient needs and wants.

Size and shape issues

If a patient has worn-down teeth or teeth that come in at odd angles, crowns can also be a possible approach. People who have these concerns should meet with the dentist to discuss possible ways to correct these cosmetic problems. The dentist will take X-rays and make impressions of the person’s teeth. After reviewing the images, the dentist can fabricate a crown to the right size and shape. This can give the patient a smile makeover by helping all the teeth to have a uniform appearance that the person can enjoy.

Getting the crown

Before getting the crown, the patient must first go in for preparatory work. At this visit, the dentist will reshape the tooth so that the crown will fit properly and comfortably. This will involve shaving the tooth, checking the fit of the crown, and make adjustments as necessary. The dentist will place a temporary crown on the tooth until the permanent one is ready. A few weeks later, the patient will return to the office. The dentist then cements the crown in place and hardens it using light.

Love your smile again

Broken or chipped teeth can make a smile unattractive. But if you have misshapen or irregularly sized teeth, it can be embarrassing as well. You can do something about these concerns. Talk to your dentist about dental crowns. After a few visits to the dentist’s office, your teeth can be the right size and shape. You will no longer have to hide your smile or feel ashamed of how you look.

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